Framing in Calgary

The success of any new construction depends on a quality framing job. In Calgary, the best framing contractors are found at Highlander Construction Ltd. Equally capable of wood and metal framing, our contractors are in high demand for their expertise and the quality of their craftsmanship. 

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Highlander Construction Ltd: Residential Framing Contractors

The team at Highlander Construction Ltd is licensed, certified, professionally trained, and tested in the field. We’ve collected a great deal of experience and knowledge and are valuable on every construction site for our framing expertise and consistently open communication. We work in an organized and logical fashion, cooperating with other builders on-site and maintaining clear standards and objectives for any framing project.

Skillful Home Framing Contractors

Our residential framing contractors are softwood savants who work magic on the construction site. Highlander Construction Ltd consistently delivers straight, sturdy structures that provide the longevity every homeowner could hope for. 

Framing Contractors Who Work With You

We strive to make framing understood by owners and communicate as much as possible before the build to ensure our success. At our assessment meeting, we cover a lot of ground. We go over proposed dimensions, use drawings to supply information, and calculate materials, timeline, and projected staff hours. Owners have their input on designs and blueprints respected, with our entire team at their disposal.

Business and Residential Framing Contractor Excellence

Highlander Construction Ltd operates with precision from the moment we step on the worksite. Preparation and planning are the keys to our success, and we never start until every preliminary piece is in place. All materials, tools, machinery, and equipment must be coordinated, and our project managers are incredible at arranging everything to ensure success. Our entire team is devoted to building an impressive backbone for a building to grow around, strong, straight, and secure.

Materials for Home Framing Contractors

Our framing contractors can confidently assess the proper materials for a sturdy frame for your building. Most homes are built with softwood frames, strong and resilient enough to tolerate the weight of a home and the elements outside. However, larger structures may require steel frames to support the weight of construction. Trust our experienced project manager to source the correct materials for your studs, headers, and joists.

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For a reliable framer who consistently offers you their best work, call us at (403) 991-7025. Your new structure is only as good as the bones that hold it up, and we’re the team you need for a solid structural skeleton. Call now to discuss your project with knowledgeable experts.